An upcoming documentary about Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

Our documentary aims to explore the condition from a collective and personal viewpoint including such themes as:

The social stigma surrounding EHS, including the denial of sufferers’ experiences by doctors and society.

The psychology behind society’s/the medical profession’s reluctance to recognise or even explore the possibility of EHS as a “real” condition despite thousands of studies over decades showing biological harm at non-thermal levels of EMF exposure.

The experiences of individuals and families impacted by EHS.

About the Producers

We are two women with health care and film production backgrounds, both impacted by EHS in various ways. We are not only passionate about increasing public awareness about the condition, but also feel a duty to bring it into the public arena as 5G/the internet of things is rolled out across the planet and more and more people are unwittingly exposed to ever higher background non-native emf levels.

Naomi Cook

Naomi is a former registered nurse, children’s author and independent ASEA associate. She has worked at the frontline of 5G activism since the start of 2019, promoting awareness about 5G and the health effects of non native EMR. She surrendered her nursing registration in 2020 after being advised her activism went against the nursing code of conduct. She is the lead author on a paper analysing how the evidence base surrounding the health effects of EMR is information imperative but lacking in nursing education – it is currently under peer review for a nursing journal.
Naomi Cook Former Registered Nurse
Australian’s For Safe Technology – Facebook group

Jacqueline Hogan

Jacqueline is a lawyer and film producer who spent 10 years both studying and working in Scandinavia before returning home to Sydney in late 2019. Having spent the last 2 years researching extensively on the negative health effects of non-native EMFs, she is a passionate advocate for using technology in a safe way.

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